Welcome to Brandi’s Birthing Service, a site dedicated to sharing information about all things pregnancy and birth related, as well as useful tips and books.  I am here to offer my support as a doula in the Western Iowa and Eastern Nebraska area.  Please note, I am not a medical professional, I am Doula with a passion to share what information I can with those who would like to know. While I do advocate self empowerment and the sharing of information it is important to keep the medical professionals in your life up to date on what you are reading and thinking about, so please discuss all things with your Midwife or Doctor.

Who I am

As a Doula I have unique skills, helpful insight, and am an unbiased sounding board.  I believe that birth is a natural beautiful thing that can happen any time and any place, be it at home in a hospital, birthing center, or the back seat of a car. I do think that a natural birth is great, and when possible should be sought after, I know that a natural birth is not always what a mother wants. For that reason my goal is to meet your needs, whatever they may be, so I am also able to provide support in advanced medical births, or hold your hand and help you balance on the yoga ball. For hospital births or births that are intentionally medical, providing the hospital permits it, I can accompany you into a C-section and through any other procedures that happen.

I have spent my life around children and families, as a nanny, a daycare provider, and friend. I decided to go down the path of becoming a Doula because I feel that the birth of a child is a truly magical and wonderful process that should be celebrated and enjoyed.  I wanted to offer my strength and wisdom to those who need and want it.

As your Child Birth Educator

I offer Small Class Size

Fact Based information

Personal and individual responses to E-mails

As Your Doula

I would be with you once labor starts.
I would be available to attend a few prenatal visits
Offer assistance in writing  a birth plan
Offer lactation support after birth
Two (2) one (1) hour sessions postpartum (addition time may be purchased)

During labor

I offer warm rice bags (providing a microwave is available)
Comfort massage
Various movements and positions
Assistance in advocating your wishes and needs
Help your family (even children) through the birth process.

I know that the pregnancy, birth of your child and the first few days and weeks of your child’s life is a time period you will never forget. By spending time together before labor I can better understand your emotional needs as well as the needs of your body. I will do my best to help protect and nurture your birth experience so that it will be a memory you treasure.

As a Doula I provide:

Emotional support
Physical support
Advocacy Support for your partner
Non-judgmental information

I primarily work in Council Bluffs, Omaha, and nearby areas.  If needed I will offer my support in Mercy Hospital (Co Bluffs, Ia), Jennie Edmundson, Nebraska Methodist Hospital/ Methodist Woman’s Hospital, Bergan Mercy Medical Center (Omaha, Ne) The Nebraska Medical Center (unmc) Creighton University Medical Center, Immanuel Medical center, and Bellevue Medical Center (BMC).  I am also able to support Home births and birthing center births. If you are birthing at a hospital not listed please feel free to contact me anyways, as I may have just missed the hospital of your choice.

If you would like to contact me about becoming your Doula I can be reached by Phone at 402-681-3474 or E-Mail